Can you trust your Real Estate Agent? 5 things to look out for

Finding a trustworthy real estate agent is crucial when buying, selling, or renting a property. Your agent should be a reliable and knowledgeable professional who will act in your best interests throughout the process. But how can you determine if your real estate agent can be trusted?


In Singapore, ensuring that your real estate agent is licensed to conduct agency activities is essential. The licensing process involves attending and completing required courses. After obtaining the license, agents must renew it annually and maintain communication with the regulatory authorities, specifically the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). To verify an agent’s licensing status, you can visit the CEA’s official website and utilize their online platform or mobile application specifically designed to check the licensing status of real estate agents in Singapore. This verification process ensures that you are dealing with a licensed and regulated professional in the real estate industry in Singapore.

Subject Matter Expert

When evaluating a real estate agent’s comprehensive understanding of the local market, it is crucial to consider their expertise in the specific property type that interests you. For instance, if you are searching for office space, it is advisable to consult an agent who specializes in office property listings. A subject matter expert in a particular property type can provide in-depth knowledge, valuable insights, and a tailored approach to meet your company’s specific needs. Their years of experience and exposure in the market enable them to assess property availability quickly, arrange viewings, and offer valuable advice. It is essential to distinguish between agents with specialized knowledge and those who only possess a basic understanding of various property types.

Honesty & Transparency

Honesty and transparency are crucial qualities in an agent. As an agent, I empathize with the frustrations and dilemmas often faced by tenants. Drawing from my vast experience leasing office spaces, I have developed a comprehensive checklist and a set of questions to gather detailed information about my tenants’ requirements. I pay meticulous attention to even the smallest details, aiming to address any concerns or challenges my tenants may encounter, ensuring a transparent and seamless process. Moreover, I prioritize the best interests of my tenants and strive to negotiate the most favorable terms, seeking a win-win outcome for both parties. My primary objective is cultivating long-term relationships with tenants based on trust and mutual benefit.

Following Through the Process

During the negotiation and lease agreement stages, I take it upon myself to guide my tenants through the intricacies of complex terms and procedures, ensuring their complete understanding of each aspect. I provide a tailored set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) addressing their specific needs and clarifying unfamiliar concepts and legal terminology. My objective is to establish a mutual understanding, even if tenants possess legal knowledge, as interpretations can vary. I prioritize addressing any concerns and ensuring that tenants have a clear understanding before they commit to signing the lease agreement. By placing their best interests at the forefront, I present various options and alternatives during negotiations, constantly striving to find the ideal space that aligns with their business growth and requirements.

Long-Term Working Relationship

I uphold the core principles of integrity and prioritize my client’s best interests. I build trust and credibility by consistently acting in their best interest and maintaining transparent communication. I always consider what is most beneficial for my clients’ companies by leveraging my knowledge and experience to serve as a trusted advisor rather than someone solely focused on making a sale. By upholding transparency and impartiality, I diligently negotiate on their behalf to secure the most suitable space where they can thrive for years to come. By consistently acting in their best interest, I aim to cultivate long-term relationships with clients where they can confidently rely on me for their future real estate needs.

In conclusion, when choosing a real estate agent in Singapore, it is crucial to prioritize trust and professionalism. Ensure they are licensed by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) and possess expertise in your desired property type. Look for agents who demonstrate honesty, transparency, and a commitment to acting in your best interests. By fostering a long-term working relationship based on trust, you can rely on their guidance and expertise for your real estate needs.


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