Case Study: Finding the Ideal Office Space for a Growing Business

This tenant’s previous office, situated along Robinson Road, was doing great business, but they needed more space. So, they decided to move to a beautiful corporate building on Robinson Road, known for its excellent image and convenient location.


During the selection process, the tenant encountered challenges finding a similar building. Some buildings had a different layout, with a long corridor leading to the units instead of a direct lobby entrance. Also, bigger buildings were too large for their needs, leaving them limited options.


The tenant considered shophouses but found their space utilization inefficient. So, they shifted their focus back to office units and explored various options for about three months.


During the finding process, the tenant faced competition from other bidders for one unit. The landlord preferred a shorter lease term as they foresaw an uprise in market rental, leading the tenant to explore other options. Eventually, they negotiated better pricing and found their ideal space.


Once they found the space, they needed to make it suitable for their needs. Collaborating with an interior designer, they planned the layout and efficiently utilized the space. The landlord’s assistance made the process smoother and saved time and effort. Hybrid meetings (a mix of Zoom and in-person) allowed for easy discussions and material selection.


The location’s convenience, with easy access to the food MRT station, was one of the primary reasons for choosing this space. Moreover, the landlord’s willingness to accommodate their needs and provide a one-stop service for interior design and setup made the decision even more appealing.


In conclusion, this case study highlights how a growing business successfully found the perfect office space through careful consideration, negotiation, and collaboration. The convenient location, along with the landlord’s support, made this move a great success for the tenant.

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